Integrating Big Data,

Messaging and Analytics with Location Based Services

Data Revitalization

We help you utilize your existing mundane, lifeless, and resource cost wasting data by integrating and appending our proprietary data assets, SEO management and customized mailing services.

Banner Ad Powerhouse

By integrating geolocation data, Big Data segmentation analysis, social profiling data, and in-house programatic media buying platform, we can ensure that your banner advertising reaches specific customers that most value your products thereby significantly reducing your advertising costs and significantly increasing sales.

Messaging Powerhouse

Our managed mailing services can combine email and direct mail campaigns tailored to your specific needs. Our managed services include US based email, mobile message and direct mail platforms.


" If you don’t work on important problems, it’s not likely that you'll do important work. "

Our Company

AlesiaTec, Inc is a next-generation big data analytics, software development, and digital marketing company. We develop and deploy an integrated suite of software tools to help our clients extract deep data analytics driving rapid top line revenue growth from big data. We specialize in working with companies and leading brands that want to take advantage of today's modern mobile digital business environment.

Our goal is to connect defined and targeted geolocated consumer households with online and offline marketing to promote your brands, services and products, utilizing our cost efficient proprietary technologies to deliver targeted and geolocated advertisements through banner ads, managed SEO, email marketing, and direct mail services.

Business processes, data aggregation, data monetization, automation and digital marketing are more integrated and connected than ever.

We use opted-in consumer data, email marketing, mobile messaging, website design assets and data analysis to tailor a synchronized marketing campaign to geographically selected areas.

AlesiaTec can assert a digital presence across all relevant and positive areas of the internet, targeting consumer households that browse the internet with hyper-targeted geo-located advertisements that we control directly to promote an organization’s products, services, and brands.

We provide a technology platform to serve 95% of digital ad inventory to monetize email and banner ads. This is used to create very targeted marketing campaigns or grassroots awareness campaign that combines digital and direct mail.

What We Do

Cutting edge solutions

" We are further differentiating our solution by integrating our web services and data assets with location based services and programmatic media buying platforms. "
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Software Development

We develop all our own software and graphics in-house and adhere to the highest standards in compliance and security protocols.