What We Do

" Our goal is to connect defined and targeted geolocated consumer households with online and offline marketing to promote your brands, services and products, utilizing our cost efficient proprietary technologies to deliver targeted and geolocated advertisements through banner ads, managed SEO, email marketing, and direct mail services. "
Data Revitalization

We help you utilize your existing mundane, lifeless, and resource cost wasting data by integrating and appending our proprietary data assets, SEO management and customized mailing services. Supercharge and monetize your data to be used in location based initiatives, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, online and offline hyper-accurate segmentation analysis, and banner advertising to your specific customers.

Banner Ad Powerhouse

By integrating geolocation data, Big Data segmentation analysis, social profiling data, and in-house programatic media buying platform, we can ensure that your banner advertising reaches specific customers that most value your products thereby significantly reducing your advertising costs and significantly increasing sales.

Messaging Powerhouse

Our managed mailing services can combine email and direct mail campaigns tailored to your specific needs. Our managed email services combine our US based mailing systems, our 600 million email message a month current capacity, and carefully monitored email reputation, bounce and opt-out services to ensure your email marketing messages make it to the inbox. We handle every aspect of the delivery process. Our direct mailing process can provide triggered, individually tailored and tracked mailing pieces to your customers, even if your data doesn’t include a mailing address!

Generate Online Leads

We can target your mailing list online, or transform interested online leads into direct mail leads, or capture new leads for both online and offline marketing. It's Like Direct Mail Delivered Digitally, because we can accurately identify digital touchpoints at exact postal locations, you can market like direct mail on the web. Reach engaged online customers offline using direct mail and other channels.

Dedicated Technology Team

Our World Class technology and leadership team was hand selected from the creme de la creme of major corporations. They have between them over 100+ years of combined experience in leadership, project management, developing software, designing web solutions, and designing and managing database and email systems for Fortune 50 companies and other large organizations.

Channel Partners

Our channel partner's go beyond IP zones, zipcodes, and geofencing for true one-to-one reach that engages real cosumers with relevant messages. Reach every person on any connected device at a specific postal location. Magnify your direct mail campaigns by sending online ads to the same exact postal addresses. Capture conversion-ready customers who have shown interest in products like yours.

Scale for Growth
Big Data and Technology Integrations

We offer big data integrations with popular Database systems such as Mongo DB and SQL based.

E-mail Platform

Create and automate e-mail campaigns that drive results

Social Media & Profile Graphs

Social Media Marketing strategy specifically for your brand and your audience as well as access to our social media profiling graph powered by IBM © Watson.